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QUANTUM Collective's leadership has more than 30 years experience working in manufacturing, retail and distribution.

Our experience includes the following industries:

  • Health & Wellness (product design, placement, development)

  • Eco Village (design, structure, off-grid, food, water, power systems) 

  • New Energy Technologies & Systems

  • Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical (formulation, compliance, custom IP)

  • Music & Arts (event production, artist management)

  • Tourism & Travel (retreats, programs, trip & tour creation)

  • Non-Profit (raising capital, grants, government programs)

  • Portfolio & Asset Management

  • Crypto Currencies & Blockchain development
  • Cannabis & Hemp (growing, packaging, manufacturing, branding)

  • Radio & TV (production, broadcasting, distribution)



Retail is not just one of the fastest growing sectors of the market place, it is also a main focus for us. QUANTUM Collective is uniquely positioned to provide the expertise required to drive sales and implementations for any industry to go vertical on the global market.

We have direct retail experience in many different areas of business and know how to implement direct store delivery models, a know how on managing returns and a know how on how to implement cutting edge POS systems. You need expertise who not only understands the unique requirements of retail, but how to implement those requirements on all levels, QUANTUM Collective delivers.


Whether you are a individual with a small business or own a large company, QUANTUM Collective maintains a constant pulse in many retail markets all over the world. We have the industry experience to ensure your implementation is supported by seasoned contractors who know your industry. We have lived and breathed manufacturing with having many products created of which have come from direct industry positions. 



Customers are always demanding a higher level of service from you. Your management of the supply chain needs to be optimize for customer stock levels while optimizing profit. Your business is expanding but you need new channels of distribution.

You need QUANTUM Collective who understands complex supply chain management techniques and how to optimize technology to enable efficient management of the supply chain. QUANTUM Collective understands your unique needs. We have been out in the warehouses working with shipping solutions, We have built complex distribution networks and have many complex scenarios developed for almost every type of distribution.


Managing yourself or any type of organization is becoming increasingly challenging in our current fast paced economic environment. People and organizations need to track costs, manage complex projects, and manage resources, while still finding ways to serve their customers and meet and beat all expectations.

Leveraging QUANTUM Collective to enable are services requires consultants who have experience managing large complex organizations and experience with people. QUANTUM Collective has the professionals with industry experience, consultants who were leaders of large, complex services organizations and that is why we can get the job done.



From Asset & Portfolio Management to Sustainable Technologies, and even building eco villages from the ground up, QUANTUM Collective provides a host of solutions.  QUANTUM Collective has global consultants and Special Operations Units who understand the need for quick, mobile and the intricate ins and outs of the Public Sector.

Our blueprint for success is helping organizations do more with less. Helping organizations produce defect-free products and services with less human effort, less time, less space, less capital and at far less cost.

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