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Who Is Jonah Bolt?



QUANTUM Collective created by Jonah Bolt came as a direct result from his over 25 years of networking, traveling, living, studying, learning and conducting business in over 50 countries. He has been involved in a wide array of industries globally and is now working directly with his clients to help them create, brand, manufacture, distribute, launch a new product, connect clients directly to people in his network, or just enhance their existing business.

In 2010, Bolt had a spiritual awakening and learned about Spaceship Earth from one of the greatest minds of our century, Buckminster Fuller "Bucky". His awakening about Spaceship Earth and his own connectedness to it and all living things of nature set him on a new course of truth, living sustainably to be of service to humanity. He then left Florida and the corporate world behind and moved up to Black Mountain, NC. 


Now fully awakened and living up in the mountains following his new life passion of learning more of Bucky and studying about sustainable earth systems and free energy, he began embarking on his new life path.


Meeting with Swami Paramanand Giri, Swammi G, Asheville, NC, 2010

In 2014 Bolt was Invited & attended the 26th Annual International Peace Summit for heads of states of all UN countries held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. NY. There Bolt was recognized for his non-profit work on sustainable housing projects and was endorsed by Rick Uflick from "We the World" foundation.


26th Annual International Peace Summit United Nations Headquarters NYC, New York, 2014

Bolt was then invited and Attended the American Committees on Foreign Relations ACFR 18th Annual Conference held during 3 days in Washington, DC. One of his summit meetings was with with John Francis Kirby, the head admiral for the United States Navy serving also as the Press Secretary for the United States Department of Defense and Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, now head of the Pentagon. They met and discussed a new  project designed by Bolt to build new sustainable housing for our military and veterans. Bolt also  worked with Joel Griffen, former White House Chief of Staff for 16 years on his veteran housing project in Howey In The Hills, FL on 550 acres.


Meeting Chief Admiral Kirby, on Sustainable Veteran Housing Project @ ACFR, Washington DC, 2013

Bolt was initially invited to Washington DC by U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Officer Dr. Elizabeth Colton. Dr. Colton who is an Emmy Award winning Journalist, Author, Speaker, who had lectured in over 110 countries and served as a US diplomate from 2000-2011 overseas in the Middle East, South Asian and African Embassy's was in total support with Bolt's vision for a Global Citizens sustainable communities around the world. In 2013 Dr. Colton joined Bolt's Starseed Society, a 501c3 Non-Profit and took office as director of his advisory board.


Dr. Elizabeth Colton, White House Environment Depart. & US Diplomat, 2013

After forming his non-profit he began to assemble his advisory board of like minded leaders and organizations towards a goal of sustaining the planet through new technologies and educational systems. In 2014 Bolt was contacted by one of his organizations ambassadors and was invited to California to do ceremony with his tribe's chiefs and elders and obtained a Tribal National Adoption from the Choctaw Musgokee Yamasee Nation tribe.


Chief Golden Light Eagle meeting, Nevada City, CA, 2016

After gaining support and approval from Asheville’s Mayor Belomy, Congressman Heath Scholars office, City Hall, Asheville's City HUD Department & other community organizations the project he developed was designed to help the homeless by building an off grid fully self sustainable community using Buckminster Fuller or “Bucky's Geodesic Domes”.


Meeting Mayor Belomy, Veteran Housing project, 2012

Bolt organized the International Day of Peace on September 21st 2011 & 2012 IDOP event in downtown Asheville, sponsored by the United Nations Council. He was later voted and Awarded Visionary Leader Award by Transition Asheville, NC.


UN International Day of Peace, Asheville, NC 2013

In the last 20 years Jonah has organized and attended 100’s of events. His direct community involvement such as Transition Asheville, NC & Transition Black Mountain, NC where he Sat as an elected member of the “Common Table Housing board” allowed Bolt to work with many projects to help communities. He Organized the city-wide celebration for Transitions Asheville’s induction as the 88th transition town in the United States. He ran monthly Evolver Network meetup groups in 2010- 2014 and planned monthly community projects, i.e. community gardens & educational programs. Jonah has been guest and keynote speaker at 100’s of events ranging from the corporate business sector to high school & college auditoriums filled with over a 1,000 students.

me with asheville city councle member, 8-20-11.jpg

Transition Asheville, City Council Member, 2014

me talking _ affordable housing fair 2, 8-20-11_edited.jpg

Affordable Housing Fair, Downtown Asheville, NC 2014

From driving on cross country speaking empowerment tours, Meeting with Governors, City workers, City Council Members and more. Bolt has always had an impact and connected on many key issues offering his advice and help to resolving them 


Project FREE Detroit @ 102.5 FM, City Council member & Anthony Green


Mayor of Denver, CO meeting about Hemp rights, 2018

zen cuise evreryone finall pic_edited.jpg

Ancient Crystal Skulls ZEN Cruise, 2014


Living Is So Big cross country motivational speaking tour, 2014

Because of Bolts continues involvement with Native American tribes, A gift from the Cherokee Nation was gifted to Bolt who carried it with him on a journey through 8 states and 3 countries for almost 2 months before he finally presented it to Ac Tah in his home land in the Yucatan on Dec, 21st 2012 at Chichen Itza, Mexico. This event was live streamed to over 20 million people and marked the end of one of the most important Mayan calendars.


Cherokee Chief Michael Hicks & Ac Tah, Mayan King, 2013

As a community leader and a strong involvement with Native American Tribes, he was asked to help arrange a meeting with one of the last Mayan Kings Ac Tah and Chief Michael Hicks of the Eastern Band Of Cherokee. Ac Tah was touring tribes in the US for his 1st time and Bolt even hosted the Mayan King and his  entourage at his home the night before the meeting in Cherokee and walking the Cherokee sacred mound.


Chitzen Itza, Mexico presenting Ac Tah, Mayan King, 2012

Bolt who also started his own radio show "Starseed Radio" allowed him to travel the world to interview and learn from the worlds top people in there fields from healthy & sustainable living to Quantum physics and mechanics. within 3 years of being on air he had reached an audience in over 160 countries now downloading the show from iTunes. After producing his own radio show Republic Broadcasting Network in Texas picked up the show and syndicated it to 5 days a week for another 4 years on satellite radio, FM & AM radio towers across the US & dozens of online podcasting sites and platforms.

Alex & Allyson Grey being interevied on Startseed Radio with host Jonah Bolt

#1 Visionary Artist Globally Alex & Alyson Grey, 2013

Nick Pope British Ministry of Defense division

UK Defense Minister Nick Pope. Washington DC. 2012

In 2016 Bolt launched Hemp & Heal LLC and quickly became one of the highest medicinal grade hemp oil used by doctors, in hospitals, pharmacy's and health centers across the country. Hemp & Heal became a leader in the CBD and hemp world and was indorsed by many doctors, celebrities and even US Army, Colonel Phillip Blair who ran some of Hemp & Heals webinars on educating other doctors about CBD. Bolt's knowledge to the doctor and medical community raise him very quickly as a noticeable educator for medical professionals worldwide and even being a keynote speaker 2 years in a row at Canex, one of the largest Cannabis Conference held annually in Jamaica.


Maxi Priest Product Launch, Jamaica


President of Mexico Vicente Fox, 2018

City News 1.png

Bolt was featured on the doctors panel regarding “The Future of Medicine and Cannabinoids” in 2018. at the Hight of Hemp & Heal they were selected to be the 1st Hemp Oil product on national TV on Americas #1 Healthy & Wellness show, "Know The Cause"


TV Show "Know The Cause", #1 Health & Wellness Show in US. 2019

Now in 2023 with all of Bolts experience, networking the globe and business learning, he has launched QUANTUM Collective to bring in the return of the Emerald Order.



Ready for a QUANTUM leap?

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