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We are living in a world full of chemicals, pollutants, diseases, viruses and many other factors that play a huge roll in effecting each and every one of our lives and health. During this ascension cycle we need to keep our temples in order and that starts from the inside out.  Our 30 day detox will rid the body of all toxins, heavy metals, parasites, fungus, bacteria, chemicals and more.


For instructional video on how to take 30 day detox watch here.

QUANTUM Detox Includes:

- Korean Red Pine Needle Gel Caps

- Activated Gold Seamoss Gel

- Bioplasma Cell Salt

- Microbiome Activator Fermented Probiotics

- Pine Gum Spirits

- Fulvic Ionic Minerals

QUANTUM 30 Day Detox

SKU: 1440008844113
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